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Guidance Counselor – Mrs. Oliver-Coates

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Welcome to the Guidance Counselor’s website of Our Lady of Victory Catholic School (OLV).  I am here to help your children have a smooth and productive experience while they are with us.  On this page you will find tips, links and other sources of support.  Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or concerns.

Jackie Oliver-Coates, M.S.

Office Hours: Mon – Thurs 7:45-3:10pm

410 242-3688 (please leave a message with the front office or email me directly)

Frequently asked questions

Why would a student see the counselor?

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School offers guidance services to children who may need further academic assistance in meeting educational goals, etc.

A)     Academic/Educational Counseling – Students sometimes have academic problems in areas including study habits, expectations, time management, and organizational skills.  A counselor may assist students in exploring solutions to these and other academic problems.

B)     Personal / Social Counseling – A counselor may assist student to develop skills to interact more effectively with others, identify personal values, talents and interest and transition into and out of middle school.  The counselor will also provide support and assistance to students and families in crisis and can provide referrals from outside agencies for more extensive assistance including counseling, evaluation or treatment.

C)     Career/Vocational Counseling – A counselor can assist student in the early stages of career exploration.

Growing up isn’t easy!  Here are some of the topics that can be discussed during counseling:

I.                    Learning and responsibility

II.                  Getting along with others

III.                Making friends

IV.                Liking myself

V.                  Parent’s divorce

VI.                Studying

VII.              Organization

VIII.            Time Management

IX.                Being a new kid

X.                  Moving away

XI.                Bullying

XII.              College and Career Awareness

XIII.            Anxiety

XIV.            Sexual abuse

XV.              Drug and alcohol abuse

XVI.            Grief (death and dying)

XVII.          Suicide

Individual and Small Group Topics

New Kids on the Block – new students are matched with a buddy to assist them in their transition.

Sunshine Club – students who experience difficulty with self-confidence, making friends, communicating, problem-solving and decision-making.

The Team (Together Everyone Achieves More) – students who need work on getting along better with others; developing good social skills.

The COOL Group – students who need to learn self-control and the steps to identify and display their anger and frustration in healthy and appropriate ways.

Banana Splits – students who are experiencing/experienced a separation, deployment or divorce in their family.

Movin on – students who have experienced loss

Successful Student – students not doing well academically due to lack of some organization, time management and other academic skills.

SAM (Stress & Anxiety Management) – students who exhibit tremendous amount of worries, fears, anxiety and stress.  Emphasis is on creating a safe environment identify triggers, and learn healthy coping mechanisms.

Peaceful Place – for students who feel bullied by others, bystanders who had witnessed bullying and those who have bullied others will learn appropriate words, confident body languages and healthy and acceptable thoughts and behaviors.

How can students see the counselor?

Students are able to fill out a self-referral form outside the counselor’s office.  Students may also meet with the counselor if their parent, teacher or administrative staff refer them to see the counselor. 

How does a parent/guardian see the counselor?

Parents and guardians are welcome to meet with the counselor and are asked to make appointment in advance, to ensure that the counselor will be available.  You may call or email the counselor to set-up a meeting.


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