Virtual Learning Meeting Schedule

Happy Sunday Night/Monday Morning OLV Families,

I hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready to start our schedule of class meetings in earnest this week, when all teachers and classes are due to meet on line 1-2 times per week in addition to completing assignments through their Google Classrooms or mailed packets (in some cases). We have been working hard to ensure that our meetings will not overlap for students, and that teachers are prepared to run these sessions online for the benefit of all. There are still a few minor gaps due to technical issues with specific teachers, but these should be reconciled and the attached document will update automatically as we fill in those last few spots.

Note that this schedule is a minimum - teachers do have the ability to add additional sessions (which will be posted on the Google Classrooms and on this document) if needed to assist our students as they progress through the curriculum topics.

Also, in the absence of Standardized Testing, we will occasionally be posting some ELA and MATH drills outside of the normal class assignments for students to attempt and record their success; Mr. Hutch will be doing the bulk of these, and they will typically be done early in the week for completion by the weekend - small, 10 minute drills and quizzes (ungraded) to measure progress and stay sharp. This system worked well for us last year as we prepared for testing, and these little "boot camp" type activities are fun for all.


Have a great week - the Update will be out later this week, and you are always in our prayers!

Mrs. Gorman, Principal - Our Lady of Victory