Youth Ministry

Father John Rapisarda, Pastor, Our Lady of Victory Catholic Parish together with Father Josh Laws (pictured above) run an outstanding Youth Ministry from the Church. All students currently in high school are encouraged to inquire at the Church and experience the rewarding benefits gained through participation in this wonderful group.

Middle School aged students, join OLV Parish for Stretch Days! Continuing our Summer Stretch partnership with St. Agnes and St. William of York, we will host three Stretch Days for Middle School Aged Students this year - service in the morning and a social event in the afternoon.  To register for Stretch Days please contact Mary Conney at

Middle Schoolers at OLV School to the Winter Stretch Day we’re doing with St. Agnes and St. William of York Parishes. 

Participants will need to register online & complete an Archdiocesan permission form & release. Parents can email me to get that information, but I also have some links for you to include if you’re willing and able.

Winter Stretch Day online registration link:

Archdiocesan permission form & release:

Our Lady of Victory Parish is looking for Middle School students to attend this years Archdiocese's Rise Up!  It is a One Day Middle School Event where local Middle School Students get together to learn and praise!  If you are interested, please contact Mary Conney at